Scrambled Spinach with Creamy Eggs Ketogenic RecipeBy Carla R.Ketogenic breakfast consists of a plateful of scrambled eggs with avocado and leafy greens, a side of crisp bacon, and a mug of black coffee or green tea. Of course, variety is key to keep meals interesting, especially when it comes to breakfast. So, whenever you are in the mood to change things up you should choose any of the following recipes for a healthy, hearty, and satisfying breakfast. Scrambled eggs are tasty enough on their own, but if you add some butter, cream, and plenty of spinach, it becomes heavenly. This recipe shows you how to create an easy, tasty, and extremely healthy hearty breakfast.
Blackberry Almond Muffins Ketogenic RecipeBy Carla R.Breakfast muffins should not be crossed out of your list just because you are on the Keto diet. This recipe combines the succulence of blackberries and the classic taste of almonds to give you comfortingly delicious and fluffy muffins in the morning. Serve with a pat of butter or a dollop of cream cheese on top.