🔸 2 medium zucchini ~ 750 g (you can safely take 1 kg)
🔸 2 eggs
🔸 200 g of cottage cheese
🔸 200-250 g of cheese (any, and preferably 2 different, for example, mozzarella and gouda) 🔸 4 tbsp. l rice flour

Salt / pepper and a couple of tablespoons of olive oil do not count 🙂 We will consider this a “decoration” 😉

From this amount of ingredients, 8-10 medium wafers are obtained. But remember that all the waffle irons are different 😉 If you take 2 weighty zucchini with a total weight per kilogram, then you get 10 waffles.

Three on a coarse grater all that rubs – zucchini and cheese. Zucchini will need to be squeezed out well so that your waffles do not float away. Throw all the ingredients into a bowl, put on a glove, mix everything pretty and put it in a waffle iron with a large spoon. I bake on the “Belgian waffles” 3 minutes 45 seconds. I carefully pull out the plug directly into the plate, and then everything is in a fog 🙂

With rare exceptions, we baked them every day. I can say with confidence that they do not bother 🙂

I highly recommend you keep the recipe and, without delaying it, prepare. Be sure to try with sour cream 🍽.

Zucchini Waffle
Zucchini Waffle
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