Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Some foods must take place at our table in breakfast.

Please do not force yourself while having breakfast. If you use your body mind, you should never feel discomfort after breakfast. If you feel uncomfortable after breakfast, you’re doing something wrong. Here are 8 essential foods for breakfast

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Your breakfast must be carbohydrates that are essential for your daily energy. However, it is better to take it as a whole grain slice of bread or a slice of pastry with plenty of ingredients. If you prefer honey and jam, you will continue to laze because you are overloaded with sugar. Our aim is to strengthen your digestive system and make it possible to digest every food you eat.


You must have a dairy product like cheese for breakfast. Just as there is a need for lime as well as milk and milk products are also needed for breakfast. The amount of cheese can vary according to the needs and tastes of the person. Therefore, regardless of the quantity and type, it is important to have some kind of cheese on your breakfast table.


Olives are also an important food for breakfast. The variety and quantity of olives are completely personal. It may even change depending on the person’s desire. But my suggestion is a must-have item on every breakfast table.


If the egg is still not, it is among the ones we do not have. If we want to get rid of our belly and basins, the structure of our body must be solidified first. Therefore, protein, which is the building block of the body, is important. Eggs are one of the most important sources of protein on your breakfast table. You can make eggs from boiled or fried in oil. You can consume the egg in a wide variety of ways. You can even make menemen from your omelette. You can even catch a different flavor, such as poached egg.



For breakfast, we recommend eating dried apricots, dried figs or dates. If you have a problem such as constipation, you can eat 2-3 of these every morning. But if you do not have constipation problems, you can eat it every 2-3 days.

6- Veggies

Veggies at breakfast are important for both digestion and extra vitamins and minerals. Keep in mind that green vegetables are also a source of vegetable proteins and carbohydrates. The structure of the body itself. The structure of the body itself.


Seasonal Fruits is one of the must-have breakfast. After washing all kinds of seasonal fruits thoroughly, there is no harm in eating with the shells. Although fruits are known as vitamins and minerals, they also relieve digestive function with high fiber content. For this reason, it is important that we make room for fruit at our breakfast table in terms of healthy eating. I recommend you to eat more than a handful of fruit.



Almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts are as important as the breast milk in babies for you to shrink again. The phyto-cholesterol source contained in these oilseeds will contribute to the production of collagen and elastin fibyrin. At the same time because it contains high energy, we eat less bread. When we make this kind of breakfast, we are very good at adjusting the amount and type of it.

What should you eat for breakfast?
What should you eat for breakfast?
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