8-18 Diet, is a method of slimming interest in recent years is very interesting. So what is this 8-18 diet? How to do? We have researched for you.

What is the 8-18 diet?

For the 8-18 diet, we can say that it is a type of weight loss by intermitten fasting. In the 8-18 diet, the goal is to eat 10 hours a day, while the remaining time to stay hungry. Do not look at what we say 10 hours a day, you can not eat at any time during those hours. Let’s look at how this diet is done, let’s examine the issue in more detail.

How to apply the 8-18 diet

The basic rule of the 8-18 diet is to have breakfast at 8 in the morning and dinner at 18:00. The second important rule is to avoid eating anything after dinner.

So how do you lose weight when you eat at this time and go hungry after 6 pm?

Our bodies store sugar as glycogen and these stored glycogen are burned within 8 to 12 hours. Glycogen is frequently stored in the body when it is often eaten and cannot be burned.

8-18 hours in the diet is prevented by this logic, glycogen is burned, and then the body can burn fat for energy. While fats are used for energy, a healthy weight loss process takes place.

When applying 8-18 diet these things must be considered

There is no specific list in the 8-18 diet, but there are a number of points to consider. Here are those points;

You should consume healthy oils such as olive oil, coconut oil.

8-18 diet, just like other diets, carbohydrate intake should be low, the carbohydrates to be taken should be healthy. You should stay away from food such as bread, rice, pasta. You need to meet your carbohydrate needs with foods such as oats, quinoa and lentils.

You should include healthy foods such as eggs, fish and nuts in your meals.

You should drink enough fluids. In addition to drinking water, you should increase your fluid intake with drinks such as soda, green tea.

Although many experts say this diet is healthy, you should not forget to get approval from a doctor before starting any diet.

What is the 8-18 Diet? How To?
What is the 8-18 Diet? How To?
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