Coffee is indispensable for chats; it energizes during the day, opens sleep and keeps one fit. In addition to all these, it helps to prevent many diseases. However, the coffee needs to be prepared in good conditions with quality materials and consumed in certain amounts.

But how should the correct consumption of coffee be?

Stay away from instant coffee

In order to talk about a healthy coffee, it is necessary to mention the types of coffee. Today, the rapidly developing coffee culture has introduced a wide variety of coffee types into our lives. Firstly, it is not recommended to use processed instant products called granular coffee sold in the markets. Apart from processed, industrial granulated coffees, which have lost their character of coffee, all other types of coffee, which are called ground coffee, can be selected according to taste.

Turkish coffee, espresso, americano, filter coffee, such as coffee grinder with many more varieties of aroma varies depending on the region, the hardness varies according to roasting and cooking methods. For example, coffees from the Asian region give a more bitter taste. Central and South American coffees are the most well known and in fact the most consumed species. Those who come from the African region are light coffees with more vanilla, fruity flavors.

Flavored coffees increase calorie intake

The main point of consuming healthy coffee is to consume simple coffee. If milk is preferred, this rate should be determined according to the amount of milk that the person should consume daily. However, milk added to sweeten too little may not be taken into account. In addition, aromas such as caramel, hazelnut and chocolate all increase the calorie of coffee. Flavored coffees can be consumed on condition that they are not continuous, but it should be remembered that the daily consumption should be lost with high calorie rates and the restriction should be made on meals.

Very roasted coffee loses its nutritional value

Flavonoids found in fruits and vegetables are aromatic pigment compounds with beneficial biochemical and antioxidant effects. Flavonoids in all nutrients undergo a certain amount of heat treatment. Since coffee also undergoes this change with heat treatment, some changes in its flavor are experienced. Therefore, less roasted and medium roasted coffees should be preferred instead of very dark roasted coffee. In this way, both flavonoids are used more and also no loss of flavor.

The less roasted coffees have a slightly more sour taste. Medium roasted coffees have a slightly softer drink. The flavor also varies depending on which coffee type is consumed. However, no matter which type of coffee, both in terms of health and taste, rather than roasted coffee less or medium roasted coffee would be more preferable.

2 glasses per day is ideal

As in everything else, coffee should go on a balance. However, daily coffee consumption varies according to the hardness of the coffee. For example, the caffeine content of espresson is higher than filter coffee. The hardness of the coffee type also varies depending on the type of roasting. For this reason, 3 and 4 coffees of medium hardness are recommended. The amount of coffee put into it is also important. It is recommended to drink 2 cups a day from a 300-400 ml cup made with an average of 2 teaspoons of coffee.

Do not drink coffee when hungry

The coffees purchased for the house should be purchased within 1-2 months according to the consumption amount. It is not appropriate to keep coffee for long periods both in terms of flavor and flavonoids. It is best to stock up enough coffee at home in 1-2 months. In addition, with a hungry stomach, the consumption of coffee instead of meals is definitely not recommended. Coffee causes an increase in gastric acid and increases the risk of gastritis and reflux.

When consumed correctly, it protects many diseases

A healthy coffee habit consumed in accordance with all these conditions has many benefits to the body.

Benefits of drinking Coffee

  • The most important and most talked about feature is that it accelerates metabolism.
  • Consumption is recommended before sports. Coffee consumed after training and intense exercise helps to relieve muscular pain and fatigue.
  • Keeps fit during the day.
  • It provides protection from type 2 diabetes when consumed on average 2 cups per day.
  • It increases cognitive performance due to caffeine content.
  • It is known to reduce gallbladder formation which is more common especially in men.
  • It prevents the formation of rhythm damage due to oxidative stress and provides protection.
  • It is known that it reduces the risk of gout formation in men. It has been shown that it reduces the risk of depression and depression.
  • It reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases by increasing cognitive performance.
  • Thanks to some antioxidant substances such as caffeic acid and chlorogenic acid, it defends the body against all diseases.
How can you add health to your Coffee
How can you add health to your Coffee
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