As a child, I did not like 2 things – eat and sleep 🤷🏻‍♀ Need I say that after years, both this and that thing became my favorite pastime 🙂 ⠀

If I’m talking about food, then I didn’t especially fiercely, of course, soups and cereals, but as I said, time puts everything in its place 🙂 ⠀
Solyanka as a soup, and not like a stewed cabbage, was a discovery for me at some deeply conscious age. Nobody cooked it at home, so for a long time for me this dish was exclusively the property of public catering. ⠀
But once, I spontaneously prepared a huge cauldron of this very “hodgepodge” and realized one important thing – this dish should only be homemade, only with the right meat delicacies and only with the right pickles! ⠀
I cook as follows: ⠀

🔸 400 g (approximately 1/2 medium chicken) ⠀
🔸 2 onions ⠀
🔸 1 carrot ⠀
🔸 3 medium potatoes ⠀
🔸 150-200 g pickles ⠀
🔸 50 g olives ⠀
🔸 1 tbsp. capers spoon ⠀
🔸 250 g Cracow sausage from the Near Hills ⠀
🔸 250 g smoked ribs ⠀
🔸 100 g bacon ⠀
🔸 1 tablespoon of tomato paste ⠀
🔸 allspice and bay leaf ⠀
🔸 2-3 slices of lemon ⠀
approximately 4 liters of water

Solyanka Soup
Solyanka Soup

🔸 Pour the chicken with cold water and set it on fire for about an hour. After boiling, remove the foam, add bay leaf and sweet peas. ⠀
We take out the finished chicken, remove the skin and bones, cut the meat into “strips”. ⠀
🔸 We cut the potatoes into arbitrary pieces and send them into boiling broth. Cook for 5-7 minutes. ⠀
🔸 We cut the pickles into rings and send them after the potatoes. Cook for another 3 minutes. ⠀
🔸 We cut the meat delicacies, fry them in turn and send them there to the pan. Cook another 10 minutes.
🔸 Onion, carrots cut, fry in vegetable oil, add tomato paste. We send to the pan. Cook for 5 minutes and at this time remove excess fat. ⠀
🔸The final touch – olives, capers and lemon – is thrown into the soup, cook for 1 minute, turn off, cover and let it brew for at least an hour. ⠀

Fresh lemon and sour cream can be added to the prepared soup. ⠀

⠀ ⠀

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