In ancient times, oils were regarded as monsters. Fatty nutrition is thought to be fat, and carbohydrate was given more space in nutrition, but nowadays this understanding is completely broken. Now there are many studies about fat loss. Ketogenic diet also entered our literature as a different type of high-fat diet. But; Does eating high fat really make you lose weight in a healthy way?

First of all, let’s talk about a little low fat diet. In old style diet programs; diet foods always skim milk, skim yogurt, fat-reduced foods, etc. It was formed. It was thought that when fat was not taken, calories would decrease and weight loss would be easier. But; the amount of fat we receive; should be between 20-35 percent of our daily calories. Consume fat below this amount; vitamins A, D, E, K absorbed in fat and other phytochemicals required for the absorption of fat can cause our body to not use it. Also; Because the calorie amount of fat is more, fat-free foods allow you to stay full for longer, reducing the amount of calories in the total. Also; facilitates the use of phyto components such as lutein and lycopene that fight cancer. So it was understood that low-fat foods are not necessary if we do not have some health problems for us.

All of this information led us to low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet today. Ketogenic diet emerged as such a type of nutrition. In the ketogenic diet, 20-40% carbohydrate, 30-40% fat and 10-30% protein are taken. To summarize the logic of the ketogenic diet briefly; diet puts the body in ketosis, a metabolic condition. It breaks down body fat to produce ketones that are used as energy in the liver. In this way, fat burning is achieved. It has gained popularity after being first used in epilepsy patients. Does this type of diet really help you lose weight in a healthy way?

Weight loss has been shown in many studies. In a meta-analysis study; low carbohydrate, high fat diet in people who have reduced the risk of chronic disease, weight loss has been shown to be high. But; high-fat diet; Vitamin and mineral deficiencies, liver problems due to high fat consumption, constipation, increased risk of problems such as increased cholesterol increases. Also; fiber intake beneficial for the body in the high-fat diet is also reduced. In this case, type 2 diabetes and heart diseases may increase the risk. Therefore, the researches show different results. Also; In a recent study; The intestinal flora of people on low fat and high fat diet compared. As a result of the study, it was found that anti-inflammatory bacteria decreased and increased inflammatory bacteria causing metabolic diseases in high-fat diets.

As a result; high-fat low-carb diet; less than saturated fat, more white meat instead of red meat, fish is applied by selecting the good results in the short term and makes it easier to lose weight. But; its long-term effects are not yet known. That’s why; always choose the right diet that you can make your way of life.

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Can you lose weight by eating fat?
Can you lose weight by eating fat?
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