If a mother eats 10 nuts a day, there is no need to buy omega or vitamins from outside. The mother has already taken the necessary omega from the hazelnut.

The first three months of pregnancy is a very valuable time in which the baby begins to develop, the organs begin to form and how the next part of the pregnancy will go.

First 3 months of pregnancy is very important

Pointing out that some health problems such as bleeding and danger of miscarriage may occur in the first trimester of pregnancy, Demirel pointed out that as a result of this, the mother may be exposed to intervention.


The first three months are when the mother gets used to pregnancy and sometimes problems can arise. This period also indicates whether the baby has serious problems. Is it a healthy baby or a normal baby? These are understood by tests conducted during this period. Therefore, the first three months of pregnancy are very valuable for both mother and baby.

Watch out for nutrition!

Healthy nutrition during pregnancy is extremely important for mother and child. The mother should take enough protein and vitamins during this process. Must consume vegetables and fruits. It should also consume meat and dairy products in the same way. It is very important to consume fish products. Because the fish contains omega, it is very important for the mental development of the baby.

10 pcs a day is enough!


Very useful for the development of the baby’s vitamins are very rich in products such as nuts and walnuts. If a mother eats 10 nuts a day, there is no need to buy omega or vitamins from outside. The mother gets the necessary omega from the hazelnut. I would definitely recommend the nuts on this.

During pregnancy, mothers should definitely avoid alcohol and smoking. In addition, mothers should stay away from carbonated drinks and sugary drinks.

Candidates are required to have a sugar test after 24 weeks of pregnancy. If the baby develops diabetes, it must be treated during pregnancy. Because that child’s 50-year-old heart disease determines whether the current event. Mother’s sugar is one of them. For this reason, mothers should have a screening test for pregnancy and find out if this is the case.

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