One of the areas that suffered the most losses in the square meters of the house shrinking over time was the kitchens. In addition to the narrow and long kitchens, there are also small tiny kitchen designs. As a result, small kitchen decoration ideas and usage characteristics of narrow spaces have changed. As we all know, no matter how large an area is, it will not be useful unless it is decorated correctly and functionally.

It will always make you feel uncomfortable there. When we look at the tiny house designs of the northern countries, we can see that very small areas are used with tremendous efficiency.

What should you pay attention to while designing small kitchen

Design cleverly makes you comfortable in your kitchens

Good planning is the also the key factor for small places. You have to be very creative if you have small kitchen. Small kitchens are unfortunately one of the most creative areas for decorating.

All the details need to be finely processed, from how to position which objects to which colors to use on which walls. Complement the kitchens with smart storage spaces that feel larger than they are using harmonious colors.

Take the light-reflecting effect of light tones behind you and get the perfect lighting with the right lighting. There are dozens of functional and practical kitchen design kitchen cabinets not correctly positioned kitchen cabinets. Use the corners efficiently both on the ground and above. Hidden or open corner kitchen cabinets are the most efficient storage space that can be used in a kitchen. You can even use these cabinets with doors that open inside to make it look like it’s a wall. Also, corner shelves can save your life by buying more items than they appear.

Combine white effect with lighting

When you illuminate any area, there is a depth effect that makes it larger than it is. You can also use this lighting method for small balconies and tiny bathrooms. Light colors are the easiest to reflect light. Bright white and tones reflect light more than other colors, making the environment both spacious and large. You can catch the same effect all day in the kitchens with the white color reflecting the daylight when the sun is present, reflecting the lighting lights in the evenings. Recessed lights placed on the top of kitchen cabinets illuminate the counter and support other ceiling lights. It also does not disturb the eyes because there is no direct light. To learn more about kitchen decorations, check out our article on modern kitchen decorating ideas.

White color contains a magic that makes objects look bigger. as everybody knows when we wear dark colored clothes we look thin. So we can use white colors light reflection effect and magic of white color in our kitchen designs.

Inspiration for a small modern white light wood floor kitchen model with a single-bowl sink, flat-panel cabinets, white cabinets, mirror backsplash, paneled appliances and an island.

Inspiration for a small modern galley dark wood floor eat-in kitchen remodel in Minneapolis with a farmhouse sink, shaker cabinets, gray cabinets, wood countertops, gray backsplash, stone tile backsplash, stainless steel appliances and a peninsula

Small kitchens feel much more open when using modern slab doors and flat appliances with minimal curvature on the handles. Cabinets in a pale blue grey to stay neutral without going white. Blanco apron front sink, turkish cotton towels, and a few marble cutting boards add a bit of modern warmth. White quartz counters.

Here are some white kitchen style ideas for small places.

Make sure you cook in a kitchen that is spacious furnished and makes you happy when you look, your happiness will be reflected in the flavor of your dishes.

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