As they say, the way to the man’s heart is through his stomach. In fact, this is true for everyone, not only for men but also for women. There is a wonderfully made meal with people you can’t impress. Since the concept of food has such an important place in our lives, the places where these dishes are prepared are also extremely important. This is exactly where the kitchens make the heart of our house. Home decoration kitchen models are a decoration area that should be carefully selected both in terms of design, layout and color selection. From warm and intimate kitchens to minimalist kitchens with the most distant appearance, from modern and innovative designs to the most glamorous old models, each one of them has its own unique features.

Introducing Shabby Chic

We look at the technical specifications to be useful when choosing kitchen models. For aesthetics, we look at their colors and layout. We look at the style to make it compatible with the rest of the house. You can also decorate your kitchens in a more independent style than the rest of the house. However, it is more appropriate to decorate the whole house in a certain style. Depending on the size of your kitchen, you can choose between kitchen models with island worktop, single wall or l type kitchen models. Open kitchens, in other words, american kitchen models have been very fashionable for a while, but they are not as popular nowadays. You can also use the kitchen of your choice in open kitchen models. You can use the light tones in small and narrow kitchens and the tones you want in large and spacious kitchens. Once the home decoration kitchen models have been determined, you can select details such as curtains and carpets more easily.

Innovative and modern, we now hear these words everywhere along with decoration. What is so special about the innovative and modern kitchens? What distinguishes these kitchen models from others? The first design that comes to mind when it comes to home decoration kitchen models is that they are innovative and modern. Kitchen designs are modern kitchens that use all the facilities of technology, making even the most secluded corner of the kitchen useful.

The name of this romantic concept and the name of the furniture and accessories that a British woman named Rachel Ashwell took from the flea market and made a man with soft muslin, poplin, shin beads and blended with california style.

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Shabby chic style compact kitchen
Cottage chic kitchen photo in Other with raised-panel cabinets, white cabinets, wood countertops and glass sheet backsplash

Shabby Chic Style

The style Shabby Chic, which has a nostalgic atmosphere created with romantic and soft touches, has been frequently preferred and curiosity recently in home decorations. People who want to bring this unique style to their homes learn from the experts which furniture to choose. With many hints and details, anyone can blow the Shabby Chic mood at home.

Old and used but still not lost its aesthetic decoration products are the basic parts of this style. People who spend a lot of time at home want to bring this style to their home because it aims to bring together characteristic and original pieces. In this way, everyone carries a unique style to their living spaces. Harmonious integrity of colors and materials is ensured.

This beautiful style, which emerged in the city of England in the mid-20th century, has spread rapidly. Shabby means mess. Chic meets the concept of elegance. Shabby Chic style decoration materials and density are in the foreground. Every detail of the house is filled with accessories suitable for this style. While it makes you feel more spacious in large spaces, there are also suitable solutions for smaller houses. The most comfortable materials of the human beings with the aesthetics of a very nice style in the way of bringing together renews homes.

Antique and old items, as well as hand-made products are also considered to be part of this style. Pastel and earth tones are the most commonly used colors. Anyone can make the Shabby Chic feel at home.

What is Shabby chic? What does shabby chic mean?

Shabby chic is a romantic decoration style.

Shabby Chic in detail

Pure white colors, usually ecru and bleached pastel tones are used.
Wooden surfaces have an old look with the help of sandpaper.
Carved flower figures are very common in light wood furniture.
Generally French fabrics are used.
Cotton and linen fabrics are in the foreground.
The fabrics are used in abundant floral patterns.
Light pastel tones, wallpaper or paint are used on the walls.
Curtains are usually made of pastel colors, printed pattern linen fabrics.
Open shelves are more prominent than cupboards.
Fresh or artificial roses are among the commonly used decoration items.
This decoration style has a generally feminine look.

If you love white color in kitchen we have an article for you 70 Shabby Chic Kitchen Ideas.

Here are decoration ideas for your kitchen.

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