The right foods help women maintain their healthy and fit appearance. Women should benefit from the power of colorful foods to protect their health, explains the importance of colorful nutrition for healthy life.

Yellow foods for reproductive health

Yellow nutrients that are effective in reproductive health of women and should be included in the diet plan frequently. Lemon is one of these yellow foods. Lemon can be consumed by squeezing it on salads or meals during the day. Lemon, which is a source of vitamin C, prevents the formation of bacteria in the body with its anti-infection effect.

Another important nutrient is yellow pepper. Yellow pepper, which has a high vitamin and mineral value, can be consumed at meals or as a salad. Yellow pepper is an important source for women’s vaginal and perinatal health. Yellow nutrients, digestive system and brain functions in the regulation.

Prevent cancer with purple nutrients

You find Purple pigments called anthocyanin inpurple nutrients, and it ia important antioxidant, suppress cancer cells and strengthen the immune system. Anthocyanins, which give color to purple foods, also serve as anti-aging. Beetroot comes at the beginning of purple foods. Beet, with high antioxidant effect is protective against cancer. Beet, which can be consumed as a salad, plays an active role in liver health in women. It also plays an active role against many skin diseases that may occur from liver. Another miracle is purple grapes. Purple grapes, which have a protective effect against cancer in women, also support brain development. With the fiber and vitamins it contains, it helps to eliminate toxic substances in the body and plays a role for brain health and development.

5 color nutrition for healthy life
5 color nutrition for healthy life

Protect your weight with green food

Broccoli is one of the green foods to be consumed. Broccoli is a food with high vitamin C and fiber value. With a proper nutrition plan, broccoli is effective in the prevention of obesity, high antioxidant and omega 3 fatty acids and is also effective in the protection of organs such as the brain and eyes. Another green nutrient that women should consume for their health is avocado, which is very rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

Orange foods for eye health

Apricot, which is one of the foods that should be consumed frequently in terms of eye and sexual health of women, can be consumed as a snack or compote every day. Apricot also balances blood sugar. Orange is another important nutrient. Carrot with high vitamin A content is also very important for eye health in women. Carrot is consumed one day, affect eye health in a positive way. It is also effective for immune system diseases that may occur in the body.

Strengthen your immune system with red nutrients

Tomatoes, antioxidant effect in terms of both vaginal diseases and heart disease is protective. They recover the immune system and are good for ear, nose and throat diseases. Red apples also contain plenty of vitamins and antioxidant effect in many diseases is good for women. It is also effective against upper respiratory infections, discharge and similar complaints.

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