Here are four things you should avoid doing on an empty stomach. The way you start in the morning affects your energy level throughout the day. However, sometimes you develop habits that can cause unwanted physical and emotional effects.

There are many habits that we know to be correct on an empty stomach but which are actually wrong. Although many of these habits have become part of our routines, and even appear to be “harmless,, they can actually affect our well-being over time. There they are;

We know it is delicious and popular but it is definetly not healthy. Although it is not denied that it is an energetic drink containing many nutrients and benefits, drinking coffee when hungry is a harmful habit. Even if caffeine has been taken, coffee increases acid production in the stomach and may cause burns and reflux. If tea is a possible option, it is better to replace your coffee with a tea.

  • Consuming anti-inflammatory drugs

You should not take aspirin, acetaminophen, and generally non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs on an empty stomach. Doing so may cause serious digestive complications. The compounds they contain can cause imbalance in the gastric membrane and in severe cases can cause bleeding in the stomach. To reduce the effect of such drugs should drink milk. If there is no milk available, take plenty of water.

  • Intensive exercise

Doing exercise on an empty stomach may not be good for you. There are many legends about exercising first thing in the morning. There are some who believe that exercising on an empty stomach helps burn more calories. However, it is unlikely that an empty stomach will affect the number of calories you burn. On the contrary, it can reduce muscle mass.

  • Don’t drink Citrus juice

Citrus fruit juices contain plenty of vitamins, minerals and nutrients useful for our body. However, you should not consume them when you are hungry, as they may irritate the gastric mucosa, especially in gastritis or digestive complications. If you want to drink citrus juice when you are hungry, mix it with an equal amount of water to prevent harmful effects on your stomach. Try to consume such juices during breakfast or in the morning.

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